Has anyone had a response from in app support recently?

I created another topic on this yesterday hoping someone from FT would respond, but nothing so far so I thought I’d try to crowdsource the answer.

If you have had a recent reply from in app support, could you note when that was and when you raised your query please?


I’m not surprised your other topic hasn’t had any replies as it’s not a question (the title) and not really a priority for anyone to answer at the moment.

Mine was two weeks ago but I only asked a question two weeks ago :smile:

I have one pending question that they’re looking into but I’m not wait in for an update at the moment as it’s not a priority

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No response to a query posted a just over a week ago.
It’s quite urgent in nature so keen to hear how the backlog is being prioritised. Do Plus users still have a priority?

I don’t think so as I am one and am waiting several days now…

Waiting too.

I’m delighted for you that your queries aren’t a priority, but for those of us with money lost in the ether
or funds out of the market, which in my case is thousands of pounds it is a priority.

The deafening silence from FT is really disappointing.

I can now risk another 2-5 days out of the market by withdrawing the money and cycling through my bank account or hope that support answer my five day old query, which should then take 2-4 hours to move the money into my ISA.

On your other point I’ll see if I can go back and edit the title to add a question mark, maybe someone will respond then.

I’m Plus and waiting 5 days for a response, so it doesn’t appear as if there is any priority at the moment, but there could be non Plus members who have been waiting longer.


I’m ISA only.

I started on a Friday, opened chat on Monday as the money wasn’t in early morning, and they replied by the afternoon like an hour after the money actually went through(!)

However, they only closed the chat today, a week after.

So, they are answering. I see lots of this issue over on Reddit as well as in other threads here, no idea why some (like me) are getting answered immediately and some are going days without a response.

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Thanks, that’s a useful data point.

Hi all

First of all, we appreciate that it must be frustrating waiting for any replies on the in-app chat right now.

We saw an unexpectedly huge spike in customer signups recently, and are doing our best to catch up. We have hired some additional help to get through this.

This influx of new customers has meant lots more messages coming into our customer ops team, and it’s taking time to triage these.

We’re doing our very best, and will get back to your reply as soon as we can.


I appreciate your response and I can see the huge influx and I’m obviously aware of the impact it’s having.

What I’m trying to establish is if I should wait for support to reach out, which has taken five days already, or should I withdraw my GIA settled cash to my bank account and pay it into my SIPP which could take anywhere between 2-5 days as that method would be quicker.

The frustration is that if I’d known of the support issues last Wednesday when my cash settled I could have gone the withdrawal route and potentially had the money back in my ISA already.

I did in app chat request for change of address last week.
Support messaged me the same day asking to upload files.

Depends on your issue but as has been said numerous times and is true for so many companies atm " unprecedented times and unprecedented demand".
Stick in there, it’s worth it

About a week I’m waiting now. I have a plus account.
As I mentioned in another thread, Ft has never been good at CS for me and I’ve been with them for 3 years.
The app works fine for me though. Just trying to make an ammendment to my account.

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Waiting 6 days for a useful response, had a response today but I am still unable to gain access to my account

I haven’t contacted them since the GME saga, but ever since I signed up (since android opened) I’ve had near instant responses.

To new users I can honestly tell you it’s been fine and a 5 star service until last few weeks when I thankfully haven’t needed to contact them.


Priority customer service was one of the reasons I opted for the Plus account :man_facepalming:

Understandable! 2 weeks is poor and shouldn’t happen. However, gaining 30-40% new customers in a week or so is impossible to be handled by a startup. Even if you hire everyone that applies and you try to train them immediately, it would play out this way. No one could have predicted the GME situation.


I gave up on Tuesday and withdrew the GIA funds back to my bank account and they will arrive tomorrow (Thursday morning). I opened the FT ISA this year so I’ve no choice but to stick with it.

The settled funds should have been in my ISA last Wednesday afternoon, best case it’ll be Thursday morning so it’ll have taken over 5 days longer than it should.

I’ve still had no response from my in app support request after over 7 days, and again I am a Plus member. I’ve gone past frustrated and now I’m just disappointed. If FT had been open last week about the delays I could have moved the funds myself when they settled and had them available last Friday.

I had checked on the app today in case I somehow had missed a response, but no, nothing there. And to get to the query I pass the smiling staff thumbnails with the “Typically replies in a day” message, which together with Adam suggesting to stranded Share Centre customers on Twitter that they move across to FT, like everything is going ok with onboarding and queries just seems somehow disconnected from the reality I experienced.

As a shareholder new customers are great but I’d suggest it’s not the biggest priority at the moment. With me being so disappointed with the service I’ll probably avoid the boards for a bit as I have nothing positive to say.

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I’m sure we understand that this has been difficult for you but when clients are saying their deposit is missing or format complaints are being ignored totally… Do you think clients are just going to sit patiently? For how long?

How many complaints have been submitted to the FCA so far?

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I’ve been waiting 2 weeks today for a resolution to a money transfer that hasn’t appeared in my account. Had nothing yet