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Hi, recently new joiner. How have others found customer service levels. Moved funds from big legacy ISA provider. I emailed a couple of questions on the 26th Jan via the chat and still not a response. Is that normal? When you are dealing with trades and have questions that are timely I cant’ believe that a provider of a financial product can simply just ignore your questions via the only way of contacting them?

Would love to know what other people’s experience is before deciding if i’ve made the right decision to move or not.

Do you think perhaps there might be a reason for any delay in customer support? Something happening over the past week? No?

Apologies for sarcasm, it’s been a long day.

Anyway, if you’ve not received a reply then maybe ping another message to support and see if that chivvies them on. That said, if your questions are not super specific about your account, you could ask on here and see if anyone can answer.


Honestly they’ve struggled since this sudden surge this week but they will sort it. I imagine they need to hire a few extra support staff.

You can send staff a direct message through the forum.

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Hi Phil,

My dealings with the customer service team in the past have always been great.

I think increasing new users and the Christmas break put them on the back foot a little and then the madness of the last week has exacerbated that issue. From what I’ve read they are adding to the team so fingers crossed you’ll get a response soon!


Five days to respond regardless of what’s been happening is not acceptable. First message sent 26th Jan before this really took off. Plus a new message sent today. But if people have start submitting multiple tickets for the same query they are going to really struggle going forward. Thanks for the offer but these are specific to my account.

26th was right in the middle of this, they’d already taking in huge numbers of new customers.

As to your question, no it’s not normally like this at all. They essentially have to double their customer service capacity now as they’ve almost doubled the number of customers in one month than on the last 2 years, it was completely unforeseen.


Customer service are usually very timely with responses. Since the start of the year they have had a lot of new users and they’re playing catch up ever since. The delay in responses has been exacerbated by last week’s WSB mania where they had over 100,000 new users joining in a single week. They went from 3k a day to 50k in a single day.
Although you feel like you’re being ignored it’s probably not personal and they haven’t got to your ticket yet.
Overall I think you’ve made a good decision to move from a legacy broker as they’ve been improving their product offering rapidly with strong ambitions for the next few years

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Ok if those new joiner numbers are right then not completely unreasonable to think they might be under the water. thanks for the responses - given how supportive of the firm people are here’s hoping it is just a one off.



I’ve found them to be great @Philr this really is a one off given the recent explosion in sign ups. Normally they come back in minutes and I’m sure they will get back to this soon. Hang on in there. :muscle:t3:

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Just to second what everyone’s said, freetrade customer service has always been fantastic for me, this is just a very difficult period for them and I’m sure things will be back to normal soon enough. The service and general level of trust associated with that has always been what’s made freetrade stand out for me. It’s a shame some new users first experiences haven’t been great but give them time and it’ll definitely be worth it!

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I’m so sorry for the delay in us getting back to you.:cry: We’re experiencing very high volumes right now which has resulted in longer support times.

I’ll send you a DM to get more details on your query.


Hello, I deposited money on Thursday but its still showing zero and I can’t get anyone on chat to respond. Am I doing something wrong? Is it normal for money from a linked bank to take 3 working days? Please help.

Thank you

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I’ll send you a DM.


At the rate things are going, freetrade user numbers will have double in little over 1 month. In context, freetrade user numbers at the start of Jan were circa 315k. Someone posted a friends user number today that joined yesterday and it was over 510k. Not bad for just the whole of January!


I am yet to get a reply since Thursday last week. I’m a new user and am worried About my money. Its left my bank but not reached freetrade. Still nothing from customer service

I’d you didn’t use your unique reference number in the deposit then it will take time for the money to be tracked down. Hopefully someone here will look in to it for you.

But the money won’t be lost. Just needs manual intervention sometimes.

I personally don’t know lots about the situation but I hope it’s sorted for you ASAP.

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Oh okay. I’ll wait and see. Thank you


Hey @Gemhappe, would you be able to look into a similar issue for me too please? Appreciate how snowed under the team are at the moment but just slightly worried that I sent money using my Starling account via the OB rails on Friday and I know you had issues with payments from Starling.

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“submitting multiple tickets for the same query” will only make these problems worse.

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