In App Support?

I appreciate there has been a huge influx of new customers that are affecting things at the moment, but could we please have a clear indication of how long we will have to wait for in app support to respond to queries?



Hi :wave:

Sorry for the delay and thanks for understanding that we have had a surge of new customers causing response delays, but we’re making good progress in catching up on messages.

We can’t access your customer information here, so could you please send us an email at, and we’ll get you through to someone as soon as we can. :pray:

Thank you!


When is the In App chat back??

I need to request to transfer my GIA to my ISA money.

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Frankly, for something like that, it’s probably faster to do it yourself at the moment. Just withdraw the money to your bank account and then deposit it to the ISA. Might take a few days for bank transfers but it sounds like their customer service is still struggling to cope so they might not be any faster!


Hi All,

Please check out our latest update on dealing with your queries and how we’re scaling support for you:

good idea.


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