Customer support update + FAQ 👋

Update, 8th Feb:

We’re making good progress with a large volume of messages following recent unprecedented events.

If you need help, please send an in-app message. There will be a delay in our response for now.

Thanks for your patience.

Original post, 3rd Feb:

Hi everyone :wave:

Welcome to the Freetrade community forum, a place to discuss everything about investing with your fellow Freetrade investors.

The last week has since a huge number of new customers joining Freetrade.

We’ve been extremely busy, and there may be a delay getting back to all your in-app messages.

In the meantime, check out our FAQ below which may help to answer your questions.

You may also find other useful topics across the forum.

Thanks for your patience.


How long will account verification take?

If we’ve requested documents from you and you’ve sent/uploaded these, we’ll review them and provide you with an update in 5 - 7 working days (Monday to Friday), hopefully sooner!

How long do bank transfers take?

Bank transfers can take 2 - 4 business hours to reach your account and we process these between 8 AM and 8:30 PM, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays). After business hours, your deposit will be processed the next day.

If you have notifications enabled, we will send you a notification when your money is available in your account.

If it doesn’t arrive as expected, just send an in-app message with the amount you sent and we’ll check it out for you.

I signed up using my friends link, when will I get my free share?

If you and your friend have both funded your account with at least £1, you’ll both be eligible for a free share. We reveal these every Wednesday from 3 PM, but at the moment this will be spread over various days and weeks due to the very high number of them.

How long does cash take to settle in my account?

Many UK stock orders will typically settle 2 working days after they were made (AKA T+2) and US stock orders typically after 3 working days (AKA T+3) which is the industry standard.

Cash will then settle in your account two to three business days later.

How about withdrawals?

You can withdraw money from your Freetrade account to your linked bank on the Account screen in-app.

Withdrawals will take 3-5 working days to process to your bank.

You can also search for help on various other topics on our Help site.


This will go a long way to help those joining Freetrade :slight_smile:


We just have to hope they read it! Alas when people are panicking about their money going missing they rarely seem to do any kind of searching…


If it’s ok to add I posted this on another topic

while its boring I think new customers (and existing ones) will find a lot of questions answered in both the terms and conditions and the execution policy. They’re worth a read and do give a better understanding of both how your assets are managed and how orders are executed. Should hopefully give you confidence in how Freetrade operate.

For those who are new and new to investing theres a bunch on resources made by freetrade that may be of interest

Getting started guides Freetrade Invest Hub

Financial dictionary Investment dictionary - Glossary of trading and financial terms | Freetrade

Honey newsletter Honey by Freetrade

Stock list Stocks to invest in - 6,000+ US, UK and European stocks to buy

and spreadsheet version of the stock list Freetrade Investment Universe - Google Sheets

Each stock has a discussion page on the forum


Thanks, @Eden, I was trying to find this and couldn’t!

Great post, very useful :pray:


Thank you for this pinned post, appreciate your busy.

Just to say, I’ve been stuck on identity verification since Friday. You’ve not requested documents from me (I’ve actually had no contact via the app or email), but I was advised by one of your colleagues on here to proactively upload docs to your DB. I don’t know whether this might adjust your advice or whether this might speed up the process for others etc. :+1:

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@YoSumo Hi :wave:

Thank you for reaching out!

Could you please drop me a DM with the email address you signed up with and i’ll take a look at your account for you? :pray:

Thank you!



Hi Linda - I am also in the same situation as YoSumo - please can I also DM you? @lindafreetrade

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Hi Linda, I’m in the same position too - I get stuck on identity verification and also it resets every time I navigate away from the app. I would be very grateful for your time, understand you’re busy! @lindafreetrade

@Freetrade_Team Maybe someone should mark Linda as a Freetrade employee?


Hi Linda, I’m in the exact same situation. Deposited the money last Friday through the linked bank account and it hasn’t arrived. Tried speaking to someone through the chat and Twitter, and no one answered. Can I DM you my details as well?

How do you even send DMs here anyways? Been looking and don’t see a button for it anywhere.

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To send a direct message, click the user’s name, then the “Message” button.

New users can’t see it apparently

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Hi Linda,

Sorry I am not able to send you a DM, but I can’t access my account at all. Screen is stuck on ‘we are setting up your account’ for a day now, so can’t access any functionality. Happened when I tried to set up an ISA - and I already transferred money too. Would be great if you could help so I can at least access the account? Thank you!

Has FT stopped doing partial shares ?

Nevermind I logged out and back in again and it’s working now :see_no_evil:

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