Funds still not received after 4 days

I transferred £1000 to my Freetrade account 4 days ago and still haven’t got anything in my account. I’ve tried contacting on the app for the last 3 days and haven’t had any replies.

Is anyone having a similar problem? I really need to get access to that money.

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Hi, have a read of this, there is a backlog of support at the moment and they are desperately trying to get through it all. @MeghanB26 @Gemhappe

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Having exactly the same problem, no sign of money transferred last weekend and no response at all on Support Chat.

Patience is starting to wear a little thin now!

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Still nothing after 1 week and multiple attempts to contact Support through chat. No response, just ignored!

Unfortunately unless anyone here has any suggestions the only option seems to be a written complaint passed to the FCA as all previous contacts have been ignored?

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@MeghanB26 @Gemhappe


Thanks @AdamL, funnily I got an in App chat this morning with an apology for the delay and a note that the issue was being passed to the correct team to be addressed.

Fully understand when it’s busy and there are unavoidable delays, still it’s a little disconcerting when you appear to get ghosted for a week after your money gets ‘lost’ in the system!

Im really stuggling to get a reply too, been waiting 3 or 4 days too :frowning:

Sorry about that. :cry: I’ll send you a DM now.

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I’m really sorry about your experience with support. :cry: We are experiencing very high volumes at this time.

We’ve significantly increased the size of our support team to get back to our normal support times as quickly as possible.

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Hi @Gemhappe, I’m also still waiting for funds that were deposited over a week ago. Please could you help me resolve this?

I’m having some issues too. I’m guessing due to weekend period bank transfer will be processed on week days

Yes, normally any transfers that you try to make over the weekend, will be credited during normal working hours on Monday.

@hball hope the team get back to you as soon as possible.


Its been 2 weeks for me and still radio silence in-app and on here…

Im having exactly the same problem - funds transferred on Friday last week still not credited on my Freetrade account today (Wednesday) and no response from support chat…

It’s been over two weeks now and still no response @Gemhappe. I appreciate that you’re very busy, but it’s worrying that your team haven’t reached my request in the backlog. Any help in resolving this would be greatly appreciated.


I am in a similar position. I transferred funds on 5th Feb - they were finally acknowledged by freedtrade as being received 5 days later when I was told they would be credited to my account. I’m still waiting almost a month later and still no sign of funds being credited to my account.

Despite repeated emails and messages I only receive stock email responses saying that dealing with my money is their ‘no1 priority’ and promising a response ‘in 3 working days or less’ - ironic when Ive not had any reply since 10th Feb - 15 working days and counting

This Freetrade customer service is shockingly poor - there is not chat function, messages are not responded to and even messages to the new direct email ( remain unanswered.

Is there any other way of contacting freetrade?

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