Deposit not showing and no response from Freetrade

I sent a deposit if £100 last week, first time user, stupidly from a joint account. Been trying to get in touch with Freetrade since Friday to sort it, absolutely no response. Can anyone in the Freetrade team please get back to me.

If you messaged them Friday then give them time to respond. They are under incredible workloads at the moment, in fact everyone was working over the weekend to try and clear the decks.

And yet, they seem to have enough time to respond to people grumping at them on Twitter.


Did you receive your money? How many days after you received your money? I am in the same situation and unable to do anything to contact these people.

Prem .V


I haven’t, no. They keep telling me they’ve returned it, it was supposed to be in my account two days ago, it wasn’t. Now they told me they’re going to get it to me next week? I’ve put a formal complaint in, just waiting for their response so I can make a report to the FCA.

Hope you manage to get somewhere :frowning: