No deposit showing in my FT account


I am new to this. I made a deposit a few days ago that’s left my bank account but still not showing in my FT account. No response to the online chat either. Please can someone advise ?

Someone from freetrade responded to a similar comment here, they’re overloaded with new users, they’ve hired a load of new support staff and are desperately trying to get through the backlog. You should hear back very soon.

I’ve met with the same. The online chat looks redundant. I keep getting the same message that they’re experiencing high volumes and can’t respond. Then nothing.

I deposted money this morning and it’s left my bank account but still hasn’t shown on my FT account.

According to their info we should email them yet that will mean it will take several days (if we’re lucky) to get a response. By then prices on the stocks I’m interested in may rise so I foreseeing by the time I get my money I’ll have to buy at higher prices.

Think we are all in the same boat. I also sent a top up deposit through today around lunchtime and although confirmed as sent by my bank the funds still aren’t showing in my Freetrade account some 9 hours later.

Previous deposits have always been spot on and showed up in my account within a few hours.

Freetrade support really need to get this sorted as soon as possible. No point in having a dealing account if you can’t fund it to deal.

Same here still waiting.

Good evening All,

I’m so sorry for the delays that you’re currently experiencing here. :cry:

We’re looking into this deposit delay with our Technical team now.

Brokerage Operations Manager at Freetrade