Money not in FT account, no reponse from chat

I made two deposits from linked bank account but they are not appearing in my Freetrade balance. Its been 2 days. They have left my account. It might be due to using a joint account? There is no feature to change accounts. I contacted support yesterday but no reply yet.

EDIT: Ive upgraded to plus in the hope of faster support.


Welcome to Freetrade.

The team are very busy with a huge surge of new users in last week.

@Gemhappe or another member of the FT team might be able to help you out.

This will be resolved, don’t worry!

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Hi, I’ve had the same problem it’s been 2 days and I have upgraded to plus since no one has got back to me, please look into this.

I really liked the product at first! Hire more staff guys! :sweat_smile:

Is 25 temp staff gonna cover the 75k new users? Thats 3000 users each employee has to deal with potentially.

Trading 212 has stopped new accounts btw

Hey guys!
Would like to put my account forward for someone to help please :slight_smile:
Activity says I did 2x top ups last night but they’re not usable atm/ my shares didnt buy? However I have just now managed to buy stocks directly without any issue on a different stock.
Any assistance appreciated, just trying to not miss out :slight_smile:

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I don’t know who’s on duty right now, nor do I know who’s the best person to reach out to so…

@MeghanB26 @Gemhappe can someone take a look at this please

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Hey All :wave:

Apologies for the lack of response from customer support. We are still working our way through a backlog - thanks for bearing with us.

Can I ask all of you that still need help to drop me a DM please? :pray:


Hi @MeghanB26 I’m having issues about this as well but I can’t send you a DM. Would you mind getting in touch with me?


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To send a DM - If you click on Meghan’s picture there’s a message button on the right. Does that work for you?

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Hi Meghan, I have the same issue, but I can’t see an option to DM you either?

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You may not be able to DM if you’ve just joined. One of the team should see it and reach out to you.

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Great thanks, was very confused trying to find how lol

OP Update: I think I’m about halfway to sorting it. Had some correspondence, waiting again now.


Hi @MeghanB26, sorry to add to your requests but I am currently having issues with funds reaching my ISA account and I am unable to send DM’s.

Please could I get a DM about this please?

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Of course, DM’ing you now Chris :+1:

Hi @MeghanB26 if you fancy working on a different issue as a bit of a break from missing new cash reaching accounts, I’ve been waiting for a couple of days for help to transfer cleared funds from my GIA to my ISA.

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Well its the end of the week and still no money. Four different people contacted me from support but it seemed to get passed around. Ill give it until the end of the day before I switch to Degiro or 212

I’m in a similar position, although after almost a week only Meghan has reached out to try and help but it remains unresolved and I sill have no access to my funds.

It’s fixed! Phew :sweat_smile: