Funds not in account. is it worth putting in more

Hi All. i tried to put funds in my account which have left my bank but not gone into my help from chat.
is it worth trying again or will that disapear as well.

Can take a couple hours sometimes I’d wait it out, but if it’s been quite a long time like more than 5 hours then I’d wait for chat support to get back to you

its been days and no help. to be honest i dont remember putting in a ref number when i set up bank so i have no idea what the ref should be or if its going into correct place

That is likely why then, they will need to manually locate your deposit from your bank details. Support is still overwhelmed right now because of the huge customer influx. Best bet is tagging customer support through this forum they are more likely to see it. This is likely a higher priority issue for them.

ok thanks. i appreciate the guidance.

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