AWOL Top-up

Hi all
I’ve tried the in-app messaging but nothing seems to be sending.
I appreciate you guys (and gals) are swamped right now.
I made a deposit Thurs ~5pm of ~£100 but this hasn’t hit my account yet (@2020-03-21 09:11).
I’ve seen similar issues and tried to DM @MeghanB26 but I cannot for the life of me work out how to DM on here (no “message” on profiles).
Apologies if I’ve missed the blatantly obvious!
Regards, Chris

I’ve found “message” now ha DOH!

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Hey Chris, :wave:

You probably won’t be able to DM yet as you don’t have the required trust levels.

@MeghanB26 @Gemhappe @sampoullain who is available this week?

Did you put the correct account number in the transfer

Ahhhhhh, good to know!
Yes, triple checked the transfer details now as this is usually my problem.
Any help would be great!
Regards, Chris

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I’ve paged the usuals, so hopefully someone turns up soon. I know they’re swamped due to new customer sign ups and having to work from home.

In the meantime it might be worth popping an email over to:, with a brief description of the issue, just to cover all the bases.


Thanks, for your help!


Everyone is, but best is to email if the chat function doesn’t seem to work.

Sorry about this experience, Chris, and the team will get back to you as soon as physically possible! :+1:


Deividas to the rescue!
The name format I’d used on Freetrade didn’t match that on my bank transfer (FYI anyone!).
Deposit found and being appropriated correctly, thanks for your help.


Good news! I’ll close this one up as completed. :+1: