Deposit / pls help!

Hi, I have transferred money last week from my bank but I still haven’t received credit to my account. I have emailed few times but I haven’t got any reply. How can I trust Freetrade and invest my money if they cannot deal with this simple transaction? Is possible to talk to anyone or get any help from the team??? Pls

While I appreciate that this must be frustrating, posting on here won’t really help. There was a huge backlog of enquiries due to sign ups. Until we’re told otherwise, some kind of backlog is still there. Additionally, this account isn’t linked to your :freetrade: account.

Bank top ups can take several days if done manually/not using open banking.

As much as it sucks, the best thing is to be patient.

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It might be worth dropping an email to as it’s a support team email to help with issues with depositing

Thank you for your reply. I and my friend used same app transfer ( top up) and only my friend got her credit after few hours…
I wish I got a reply so I know what’s going on so I can be patient…

Thank you. I have emailed hello@ and complains@ but not to money@Freetrade so I will train once more… :+1:t2:

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I think there is probably something people are missing if they are having issues with their deposits. Mine have always gone into my account with no issues from the beginning. In fact the transfer process by bank deposit has become quicker over the time i’ve used the app. Today i funded my SIPP for the first time and the money was in there in less than an hour.
It’s worth checking if you’ve used the correct account and reference numbers etc. Also the bank account the money is coming from has to be the one linked to the FT app. If everything is in order I hope everything is resolved for you soon.

so what should they do? Emails are going unanswered and in-app communication has been deprecated for all but plus customers.

I understand that FT are having scaling issues but come on, this is getting to be a bit mickey-mouse. That combined with the tendency of this forum to ignore any poor service from FT, it does not bode well.

@Viktor can someone take a look at this please? Preferably before the FOS gets involved