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I transferred funds into my new account 3 days ago but still not showing. Funds immediately left my bank account. I am seriously worried. When will they show up?
it clearly says that funds show up after between 2 and 4 hours. Now I have to wait for another 3 days to get an email reply apparently. It s a bit scary. Can anyone advise please?

With respect, what do expect? :freetrade: have said they’re working on it and are very busy right now. A lot of people are in the same position and calmly waiting. :freetrade: are FCA regulated and plenty of people have used them without issues. In the nicest possible way, posts like these aren’t helpful.

Hi Frino. Thank you so much for coming to my defence ! I was a bit taken a back by the underlying aggressivity of that message. I m a new customer. This is my first transfer and I m worried I m either going to have to put up a fight which is unpleaseant to have to do or worse, lose the money altogether. Especially now I see the amount of complaints. I see customer services are trying to show a brave face, but obviously the system is not coping. I agree with a previous post, that temporarily closing down new applications would have made sense. This is not good for PR. Can you or anyone else reassure me that funds do show up ? And how much pushing do we have to do to get our money in and out again ?
Thank you so much.

Seems like you are having a bad day

Hope everything will be fine

Don’t worry, your money is never gone. The worst that can happen is that it takes some days to bounce back to your bank account.
However, there have been dozens such requests on here just in the last week, so using the search functionality could have saved you a lot of time! :slight_smile:

I guess there s always the Financial Ombudsman to report to…
Let s hope this is resolved quickly.
Thanks for the support.

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You re right I didn t do my homework. I just liked the platform. It is very well done and appealing. I don t think funds will bounce back in my bank account. I m just hoping they ll show up in my trading account as a start !

If it makes you feel any better I regularly transfer funds (each month) and it normally takes 30minutes to an hour at most, but today I transferred before midday and it’s still not showing (4+ Hours), so they clearly have issues. It’s the same transfer I always do so I know it’s correct.

Still it’s disappointing to hear it happening to a new customer. Doesn’t set the greatest of impressions.

Thanks Jonathan. Not sure if that makes me feel better, or bad for you…
I did it on friday morning. I saw it leave my bank account. It s a good size amount and it never got to FT.
It says on the website that there is always someone to reach out to till 8.30 pm weekdays and weekends. I tried to reach out, but in fact it is not the case. Of course no telephone number, Contact Us is robotic and there was no Live Chat during the day. Very frustrating. I had to Google to find an email address. I emailed 3 times.
I received a standard reply this afternoon saying that they would respond in another 3 days. Even now they reiterate that funds transfer take 2 to 4 hours. As customers, we need to feel that our money is safe and retrievable at any time. And that if we have a question, there is a live person answering during stated hours. If there is a slight doubt about that in anyone s mind, most people will not take the risk. Probably you ve been there for a while, and the system works for you. For newcomers coming in, as a first experience of FT, it s a worry. Thank you.

Yeah it seems to be the challenge with these zero commission platforms having enough cashflow to support uptake. Also seems like a massive increase in new customers to these platforms recently, which is great news for Freetrade, but not great if they can’t handle it. I actually like the approach that Trading212 have done to stop registration of new customers, or at least control it with the wait list. If things are bad Freetrade should consider this, for the sake of existing and new customers experiences.


Sorry but misinforming community members or making unsubstantiated claims is a good enough reason to get your message flagged as inappropriate

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I admit that I flagged your posts as inappropriate for spreading misinformation. Please provide constructive criticism so we can have a friendly conversation

I am not working for FT*

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@szb doesn’t work for Freetrade. :roll_eyes:


If you publish unsubstantiated claims that you can theoretically be sued for then yes, you should be flagged.


They are FCA regulated, so your money (Up to £80K I believe, but don’t quote me) is safe if anything ever happened to Freetrade.

It does seem like they have an issue or backlog problem, but I can’t find anything that mentioned it (other than the ‘we are getting a lot of support queries’ message). I’ve emailed them about my delayed transfer so there is another support ticket that could be prevented with an announcement saying they have issues and we are fixing them. Apologies to Freetrade if there already is, but if so I’ve managed to clearly miss it.

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Can you give us any evidence of this please? Otherwise it’s just you propagating false information/lying. Thanks.

Do you have any pending issues? Can we help out with something?


Anyhow, hope your issues get sorted ASAP.

Leave him be. Nice evening to you