Money hasn't arrived in account

I have put money in on Sunday.
Money has been taken from my bank but there is no update on free trade a whole day later.
Can anyone help?

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Most of the time people haven’t used the right reference number or if they have sometimes an old name or joint bank account throws it.

They’ll locate it for you, but unfortunately there is a backlog

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Hello, same issue money hasn’t arrived. I did top up from my linked bank…

Freetrade need help, my top up money hasn’t arrived.

If you’ve topped up this way before and you haven’t changed anything thing you’ll need to speak to the team via email / live chat.

If you’ve made an errors with the reference numbers they can find it and apply it to your account

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Hello Neil, thanks for the reply. I topped up directly from my linked account. It has worked every time. When I topped up last night money was taken from account but nothing showing on the app so far. Do i reach them by chat via app? I have opened a chat only bot replying. No response so far. Thanks!

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That’s very odd. I’d sent them a message as they haven’t reported any issues that I’ve seen.
My top ups have always arrived without issue.


Thnx Neil, I have emailed them waiting to hear back. Their support is very slow and only a Bot replying chat. Thanks