Money missing for over two weeks


I’ve made a bank transfer on the 1st of Feb to my freetrade account but the money hasn’t been allocated or returned.

I have tried to get support through the chat without any success. I’ve managed to get in touch with someone through here and was assured the problem was going to be solved.

Well it’s been well over the period I was told and now I can’t get in touch with anyone again and the money is still missing.

Please sort this out. Honestly, at this point, I just want the money back into my bank account as I don’t want to go through this again in the future.


A top up from my linked bank account into my Freetrade account

Probably better off with the email address below:

If you need help from now on, please contact one of the following emails:

Topic Email
Deposits/withdrawals, moving cash between accounts
ISA transfers
Change account details, e.g. address, bank account
Account verification, identity check
Any other queries

Hope you get this sorted, I’m terrified of depositing/withdrawing right now…


The best option is as @scudulike suggested. I hope it gets sorted soon.

Withdrawals take 3-5 working days and a different process from deposits.

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I’ve always had deposits into FT settle within 3/4 hours. Done about 6 of them.

But stories like these always make me scared of investing a lot more in the app

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I have to stop reading posts like that myself…I’m waiting for a withdrawal to go through…They are terrifying to read.

I’m currently having the exact same problem…seems like freetrade have bitten off more than they can chew.

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Based on what exactly?

Deposits from linked bank accounts are instant now. The only time this may not happen is for first deposits (where some manual checks apparently still need to be made), or where there are issues (wrong type of account, differing names etc).


Did your funds arrived? I sent funds manually by bank transfser on Saturday and they weren’t processed today. I always send funds using this method, and with same reference etc, but this time it didn’t go through. Just wondering if you are experiencing the same issue…?

Did this get resolved?

As I said above, I sent funds manually by bank transfer on Saturday and they weren’t processed today / placed onto my account. Correct details and reference were used. Just…nothing…

Really scary :frowning: The live chat is only available to PLUS members as well.

I have emailed in - so nail biting time will commence for many days. Not sure if anyone knows what might be going on? Thanks

Doesn’t seem to be the case for me. I just put in some money and I’m still waiting this morning as if it was the old method.

Did you use the Open Banking method in-app, or did you do a manual transfer? The former should be instant, the latter … not so much.

In app linked account same as always. Still waiting atm, bank confirmed money has been sent so… waiting game I guess.

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Thanks for your reply. Yes, I used the manual transfer method. When you say it’s not instant, do you know how long it takes roughly?

By the way, the app should be much clearer that there is going to be delay if you top up using a manual bank transfer…!

You used a different method to me, but do you mind if nevertheless ask how long you’ve been waiting so far? Thanks

Quoted from another topic:

So, if it’s not there after 4 hours then I’d check that you used the correct reference in the transfer, as otherwise they have no simple way of linking the source with the destination.

Thanks. Yes I used the right reference. The bank details are 100% correct. Used my nominated account as well (which I have used successfully many times in the past with Freetrade).

Just wondering if you have heard of there being delay for manual bank transfers even when funds have been deposited correctly?

No, that’s very odd. Other than the usual few hours delay, there is no reason I can come up with for a large delay. Your best bet is to speak to FT, so you now need to wait for them to reply to your email.

Thanks…it is very nerve-wracking. Don’t wish this on anyone!

I’ll report back and keep this forum updated on progress.

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