Where's my money?!

I attempted to transfer funds to my account 5 days ago but at the time it said it did not work however the money has been taken from my account and is now pending, and has been for the past 5 days and they have still not arrived in my account. I have contacted the chat helpline but despite several attempts I have received no response. Please could someone help me!


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Same problem here, money went out from my bank 2 days ago but not reached yet the account. No reply either from chat or email

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Did it say the transaction was successful when you did it or did it say it wasn’t successful? Because for me it said it wasn’t successful however the money was still taken from my account!

When I did the top-up, the app sent me directly to my bank account, the money was out already, and I did not receive any message at all from Freetrade


Customer representative contacted me on the forum let’s see if she will help as I have the same exact problem

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Seems like this is a reoccurring issue with Freetrade. They need to sort this out asap.

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I’m sorry we weren’t able to automatically apply your deposit to your Freetrade account.

While most deposits are applied to your account automatically once processed, there’s a number of reasons why they don’t. You can see a list of the main ones here.

You should see a DM from me shortly.


Hi Gemma

I’m still waiting for my money and your response.

Hi @Gemhappe,

I’m in the same boat;

  • transferred funds using Google Pay from linked account on Wed 27/01 to attempt some quick fire GME/WSB trades

  • after several hours, funds still not in account

  • reached out to support Fri 29/01

  • support replied Mon 01/02 asking if I still needed help (!!)

  • support has found my deposit stating that the issue is likely due to my (only) bank account being in dual names, therefore doesn’t match my linked bank in my Freetrade account - even though it’s the same bank account details

  • the next steps i’ve been given are:
    “In order for us to allocate this payment to your Freetrade account, please may you provide a PDF/photograph copy of your bank statement (dated in the last 3 months)”

  • the issue here is my bank only provides a statement at mid month intervals, so i now have to wait another 1-2 weeks to receive the doc to then prove my transaction from my linked account, that you can see, is in fact from me.

  • all up, this will be a 3 week minimum money transfer. And I don’t see how it won’t occur each and every time?

By way of context, when my funds didn’t appear same day on the 27/01, I signed up for Trading212 and within 5 mins I had an account, money sitting within it, and several trades underway in my account.

As an early investor I’m nervous about this Product Design / UX / CX experience relative to one of your direct competitors.

Hoping you can reply with an alternate solution pls!

Thanks for listening

I don’t understand why you need to wait for a bank statement. They’ve said any from the last 3 months are fine?


My take on it was that the reasoning for providing the statement was to show the outgoing Freetrade transaction from this account. Will give it a go though.

I don’t think so. It’s just to verify the account is yours.


Those whose money has been stuck in the limbo, are you still awaiting for it to reach the FT account?

Same here!!! They even sent an email saying, “hey I haev noticed that you haven’t topped up yet” which I replied and git no response! It’s ridiculous, it’s been too long now!0

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