Funds not appearing from bank?!

Evening All,

Added my first deposit of £25 to my newly set up Freetrade account almost 3 days ago however it still is not showing in my Freetrade account and has left my bank account as soon as I tried to transfer.

I am concerned as it takes 2-4 hours and has knocked my confidence a little in investing any further amounts.

I have tried to contact administrators to no success as far.

I did not get to put a reference in the transfer as it as I only needed to authorise the transfer with my bank.

Is this usual or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for your reply,

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Normally mines been thru in a matter of hours I’d chat to them direct and ask. Be aware that prices and graphs arnt as upto date as they could be nor accurate. In the 6 weeks I’ve been learning one thing these guys here taught me is limit orders on everything

If you didn’t put a reference they won’t be able to allocate it to your account, you need to speak to them to get it resolved.

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I think he’s saying he used the fund account feature in the app, which doesn’t require you to manually put in a reference (like a normal bank transfer), as it automatically populates.

@MattFortune maybe try if you’re getting no luck in app , you probably won’t get a reply until Monday though. 3 days is a long time for it to not be updated but I’m sure there’s a valid reason.

R.e. Claire’s comment, the app clearly states that prices are delayed by up to 15 minutes, and that your quoted buy/sell price is estimated, they aren’t hiding anything from you!

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Thanks a lot for all your replies. It’s the actual initial transfer I wanted to transfer from my bank account to my Freetrade account on the app so I could start trading.

Problem is I can’t get any of the Freetrade support staff to reply as yet which has been a good three days.

Hoping to get this sorted but struggling

Hi FreeTrade team.

It’s really frustrating this topping up is not quite efficient as it should be! I saw a couple of other topics which are similar to my case. Isn’t it so ironic for an app based on “money”, “invest” and “trade”?

Anyway, let me explain my situation. Maybe someone could able to help.

I’ve joined FreeTrade last month and could able to topup via Apple Pay seamlessly and it was all fine.

I decided to topup more and invest more on the 8th of February in the morning. I had to link my bank account because I can’t topup via Apple Pay more than £250.

I typed my bank account number and sort code and chose the bank as NatWest. Afterwards, NatWest application launched and I could able to pay the money via this route around 11 am on the 8th of February. Even the transaction has appeared straight under my transaction section and it wasn’t even “pending”. It was cleared straight away. But I couldn’t see it on my freetrade account.

I had a look at the blogs, faqs and community and it was all saying wait 2-4 hours and that’s what I did yesterday.

Since your agents work till 8pm, I decided to text them via app under “chat with us” section but no one turned back since then.

I’ve also provided the screenshot of the NatWest transaction details under chat.

Can someone please help?

Thank you.

Hi Mehmet,

First of all, welcome to the forum :wave:

I completely understand your frustration and I’m sorry that your deposit has not reached your account yet.

Usually, cash takes a couple of hours to arrive.

Very occasionally, and unfortunately, there can be a delay in cash reaching your account, for a variety of reasons.

We’re super busy right now after a surge in new customers, but are making good progress in catching up on messages which is why you may not have heard back from the in app message.

Could you please send us an email at and we’ll check it out as soon as we can.

Thanks for the reply Doyin.

I sent an email to that email address yesterday just after you left a comment but still no hint about my money.

Can you please reach out your colleagues and take care of the issue?


Hi Mehmet,

Could you drop me a DM and we’ll get someone to take a look.


Hi there,

i am having the same issue, i already sent two emails to the “hello” email address, but had no response.
Please see the message below:

Hi there,

as i cant seem to find the live chat option in the app, i am writing to you here.

Can you please let me know where the live chat button should be in the app?

I have deposited £20 last weekend (Feb 1). It has been deducted from my bank account,
but it is not showing in the app. However when i top up from the ame card thorugh google pay, it works.

Is there any way you can track that transfer?
Is there an option of removing the linked bank account, and trying to re add it?

Thank you!

Hi Doyin, could you help me out please
Iv done 4 bank transfers and none have reached my account. The first being on the 4th Feb and mostly recently the 9th Feb. Any help would be greatly appreciated as Iv emailed and tried the chat option with no reply

Hi All,

Really sorry for the delay. We have a bit of a backlog still after the spike in demand we saw following the events in the stock market this past fortnight. We will get back to you as fast as we can.

I am in the same boat. A large deposit made on Wednesday but still not showing and no response to the chat function or email.

Please can someone also look in to my case on similar grounds.


Dear Doyin,

Trust you are well. I have to share the same experience as what others are mentioning on this post. I have deposited £800 this morning and have chased your team on the App but have had no resposne till 16h30.

I have just signed up with Free Trade with lot of expectation and must say that this is not the best start that I would want.

Please can I kindly request you to check and come back to me on priority basis. FYI - I have already sent an email to

Thank you and look forward to hearing from you. Regards. Bhavin