Funds not appearing from bank?!

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Added my first deposit of £25 to my newly set up Freetrade account almost 3 days ago however it still is not showing in my Freetrade account and has left my bank account as soon as I tried to transfer.

I am concerned as it takes 2-4 hours and has knocked my confidence a little in investing any further amounts.

I have tried to contact administrators to no success as far.

I did not get to put a reference in the transfer as it as I only needed to authorise the transfer with my bank.

Is this usual or am I missing something?

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Normally mines been thru in a matter of hours I’d chat to them direct and ask. Be aware that prices and graphs arnt as upto date as they could be nor accurate. In the 6 weeks I’ve been learning one thing these guys here taught me is limit orders on everything

If you didn’t put a reference they won’t be able to allocate it to your account, you need to speak to them to get it resolved.

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I think he’s saying he used the fund account feature in the app, which doesn’t require you to manually put in a reference (like a normal bank transfer), as it automatically populates.

@MattFortune maybe try if you’re getting no luck in app , you probably won’t get a reply until Monday though. 3 days is a long time for it to not be updated but I’m sure there’s a valid reason.

R.e. Claire’s comment, the app clearly states that prices are delayed by up to 15 minutes, and that your quoted buy/sell price is estimated, they aren’t hiding anything from you!

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Thanks a lot for all your replies. It’s the actual initial transfer I wanted to transfer from my bank account to my Freetrade account on the app so I could start trading.

Problem is I can’t get any of the Freetrade support staff to reply as yet which has been a good three days.

Hoping to get this sorted but struggling