Money still not in account

@MeghanB26 - hi - I transferred funds onto my account directly linking my bank to the app 2 days ago and nothing has shown up. Have sent a number of messages on the app chat as well…the money has left my bank. I’d like the funds either returned to my bank or put into my freetrade account today as it has been some time now. Not sure if there was something `i did wrong, perhaps missing the reference number…if you could tell me that would be good.

Have you compared the references used with your bank vs FT?

Surely you can tell if you missed off the reference number by checking your bank account?

I’m not sure how to do this or even if I do, what is the end goal? The money has left my bank account to the Freetrade account - can you advise the steps? Not getting any answers from Freetrade.

Yes I can but what do I do then, if I have missed the reference number then what?

Then you will know that it needs to be tracked down amidst the “general pool”, for which they have a system in place. Better that, than starting with “my money hasn’t arrived” which means the issue could be anywhere.

Ok, thanks. Sure, point taken. Will have a look. If I have made a mistake and the reference number isn’t there, can you advise me what steps I can take to help the process along, or will I have to just wait a while? It was disconcerting me that I had no contact from freetrade although I realise that they are very busy!

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It’ll be only freetrade that can help so hopefully you get a response ASAP. If you haven’t put the reference number in then it’s a manual process at the moment for freetrade to track down your deposit on their system and then credit it to your account so may take a couple more days.

You’re right they are really busy. The market as a whole and multiple brokers are currently struggling with some coordinated buying activity and alot have paused certain buying and even stopped new sign ups in the case of trading 212

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I was mid-reply, but :arrow_heading_up: is basically what I was about to say.

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Sorry :wink:

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Not at all, if you want to do all my work emails for me too, I’d appreciate it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: