Funds not showing in my account

I don’t know if anyone can help me. I tried to add some funds to my account about 4 days ago and the funds have left my bank, but are not showing in my Freetrade account

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Hi Delisa, may I ask if you used your linked bank account and unique reference number?

If so, it shouldn’t take this long — a couple of hours usually, in fact — so please drop us a DM on your Freetrade app and we’ll check this out for you immediately.

I did, but after getting off the phone with my bank, I’ve realized I have put my unique reference number in the wrong place, when transferring the money. So I my bank has said my payment has gone through to Freetrade, but they are probably unaware of what account it needs to go to

Welcome @Delisa09 the customer service at FT is excellent if you buzz them. They’ll be able locate it for you! Got to your profile icon and click chat!

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