Bank transfer to link bank account

I have deposited through bank transfer but when I try to withdraw it keeps saying I need to deposit through bank to link account even though I already have. Can anyone help with this thanks

First off, check the support FAQs to make sure you have ticked all the boxes:

Also, although some transactions move at ‘app speed’ :zap: others sometimes move at ‘bank speed’ :turtle: where banks are involved.

But if you are sure you’ve ticked all their boxes and have waited a couple of days for the funds to settle, you’ll have to contact customer service using the in-app chat so they can trace the transaction.

My first deposit was on the 4th so been 4 days surely should have been in account by now. The chat app doesn’t seem to work I have contacted on it but no reply just automated system replies

My sympathies! I’m sure you will eventually get a reply from customer service in the app, but they seem overloaded at the moment…

Hopefully pal, thanks for the advice

Can Freetrade help me out here being a week and deposit has not came through