Update: Customer support and the forum

Hi everyone :wave:

As you know, it’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks in the stock market.

As a result, we’ve seen a huge spike in new customers to Freetrade, and a corresponding jump in inbound customer support messages.

To deal with this as best we could, many of the company downed tools and began to help on the backlog. We also hired a team of temps to help us.

Although we are making good progress to resuming our usual fast response time, While you’ll still experience some delay in replies to in-app messages, we are making progress to getting back to our usual fast response time.

Important: We’ve been getting a lot of support requests on the forum, and while we have been doing our best to help, it’s best for all these requests to go directly to the customer service team for triage and support. They also have direct access to customer information, which we don’t on the forum.

We appreciate this can be frustrating, and appreciate your patience.

You might find the answer to your question on our Help site, somewhere else on this forum or on these FAQs.

Thanks again,

Team Freetrade

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