Current Support Wait times

I’ll start by saying this isn’t a complaint - I realise this is a very busy time for Freetrade and they have to be allowed time to scale up appropriately.

That said, I’m just wondering if there is any indication on how long we should expect to be waiting for a response on the in-app chat? I’ve had a request open since the 1st which hasn’t been seen yet so just hoping for a rough timeframe on how long people are waiting on average?

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Sorry for the delay and thanks for understanding that we have had a surge of new customers causing response delays, but we’re making good progress in catching up on messages. We also hired a team of temps to help us.

It could take a few days, we appreciate this can be frustrating, and appreciate your patience. :pray:


How long does it take for customer service. I’ve been waiting a couple hours on a transaction with no response.

How long should I expect this to take?

If youre not a plus customer it could take a day or two because they have been swamped recently.


Hi, I know with the huge increase in demand that on-boarding will take some time.

Any ideas as to how long and is there anybody here who have recently signed up and have got access/deposits?

Thanks :slight_smile:

My dad signed up last Sunday. Still not been approved yet I’m afraid.

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Please check out our latest update which includes waiting timeframes.

Is there any indication of when response times will be at perhaps one day wait? …Just so we have an idea. …Please don’t say as quickly as possible.

To be honest, I got a quick response when I emailed them on the specific emails. :slightly_smiling_face:

Im now waiting a full day for a request to transfer GIA cash to ISA

Define ‘‘quick’’?

Well i got a reply finally after around 27 hours but it’s to tell me that the cash I’m looking at in my app next to withdrawable cash isn’t settled and can’t be moved into my ISA. I don’t know why cash I’m allowed to withdraw can’t be put in my ISA?
I guess i’ll have to wait a full day again for another reply.

I’m not happy!

I’ve recently moved from GIA to ISA
I did not request the funds be moved from one account to the other.
I sold my GIA shares and let them become withdrawable (took a while for all to settle). While this was happening I opened an ISA and deposited the amount I’d eventually be withdrawing.
The deposit to ISA arrived within 3 hours. Once the withdrawal from GIA was requested the funds were in my bank within 2 - 3 days.

I’ve been with FT since may 2019 though so maybe my processing goes quicker?

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It’s just frustrating that any hiccup and you’re back at the start of the email queue. I’d much rather keep the chat system open and have them get back to me slowly, as long as i can have my issue sorted after only queueing once.

I’m pretty sure the employee that replied to me must’ve just typed the number in wrongly as the cash amount requested has been settled since yesterday morning.

I can’t fathom how they’d handle something like a change of address.

I’ve not experienced this myself.
You can go back to chats in the app… I’ve had it where the original member of staff logged off and he chat was picked up by another agent…
I have left chats for a day and it’s still been there when I came back… odd

Very efficiently from my experience

Not from mine or a great many others lately i’m sorry to say.

I used Freetrade a fair amount in 2020, took a break and came back

I’ve run into my first issue - user error with a requirement for support. Top up from the wrong Chase account. I have noticed a disingenuous chat service which says ask us anything with agents names - only to be closed off whatever topic is selected

The only option is to email, the sort of solution you’d expect if you were locked out of the app. I’ve waited over 2 days for a response, there is a fairly long automatic wait quoted but if you wished to execute a trade or it was a large sum of money you’d be having kittens at this wait.

None of it feels particularly cutting edge or ‘fintech’ - I feel this should be sorted before any further expansion?

High wait times or not I’d definitely rather sit it out in the live chat than check my inbox like it’s 2009.



This is a fair critique and good customer care is very important but, I have had nothing but great service when I contact them about something that wasn’t my fault. I get regular updates on my ISA & SIPP transfer and prompt responses.