Why is Freetrade chat (on the App) actually not chat

I tried using the freetrade chat option on the app and its telling me these people (with lovely images of Krish, Lucy and Linda) typically reply under an hour. Yet i cant actually chat with them as i can only select options that tell me to email the team.

Its a bit obtuse and crap TBH. Why advertise a quick response, when you cant actually talk to someone, unless you email them and then its 3-5 to wait for a reply.

Its disappointing to say the least.



Freetrade have reserved the in-app chat for Plus users.
it would be better if they set expectations for Regular vs Plus users


TBF the in app chat is also not a “chat” and more a priority comms link. Every time I have used it you wait for a long time for a response. My last question they said they would just ask another department and still haven’t got a response from over a week ago and I am a plus member.

I’m not bothered too much about it but most companies chat live and respond instantly but many times the person is gone by the time you reply which is the case even if you reply almost instant.

In this case you are right in the expectations being too high. Personally I just anticipate a response within 24hrs but know it isn’t maybe going to come. :joy:

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Just personal experience but I have always had good response from the in app support both pre and post Plus; usually same day including weekends on occasions.
Would be interesting to know the volume of cases raised and targets vs actual for closing.
Sometimes get asked to complete a feedback survey

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I’ve never had any issues, prompt responses even at weekends and outside of normal market hours.

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But HOW do you use the chat function? I can only select phrases and each one throws up a “you need to contact us on xxxx email, typical response is 3-5 days”.

Previously when i used chat back in Feb, i could actually speak to someone, albeit slowly.

If it’s called “chat” then you should be able to “chat” end of.If you can’t “chat” they should call it something else.


Click on the one that says ‘something else’ and it should open a dialogue box

Nope. It throws up another message that says “you can get in touch with the freetrade support team via emal … contact us at xxxx and we’ll get back to you in 3-5 working days…”

Where is it called “chat”?

The in-app communications channel in my app is accessed via a link called “contact us”

Very true,it doesn’t mention “chat”

Semantics aside, you are given the illusion you can be in touch, have a conversation if you will, with a representative within 1 hour. Look at the picture posted by " youcantkeepagoodmandown". It clearly states:

“Typically replies under 1h”

With some pictures of what may or may not be real members of the team.

Whatever option i select using the “Send us a message”, results in a boilerplated response telling me to email the team (with a reply taking between 3-5 days). There is no free text field available for me to type (unlike when i used it in Feb).

That is what i have issue with, the lie on that screen.

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Actually @youcantkeepagoodmandown and @o99 Freetrade do often refer to it as a chat function and their own website for one says it. :+1: They also frequently use this term when they send out messages saying please contact through our in app chat.



I can only think they are short staffed and don’t have the resources for in app chat.

it’s misleading, and while we are on it how do you find your account number? not the member number, any help much appreciated, even if i am being a dummy !

I don’t think you have a public account number for your Freetrade account.
Only thing I can think of is your unique reference you add when sending bank transfers, if that’s what you mean.

Thanks Josh, giving that a whirl!

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This chat-that-isn’t-chat and the frankly shambolic way they handle communication with email accounts has stopped me trusting Freetrade as a way to handle my investments. As a comparison try the Vanguard website … I opened and funded ISA’s and general investment accounts and transfers in a fifth of the time it took for Freetrade to sort out my error in setting up my linked account. I know I’m not comparing like for like - big firm/small range of funds vs Freetrade - but, as an end-user, the experience was less than underwhelming.

As a non-Plus account holder the ‘chat’ is completely misleading. They need to change how they promote it. It’s just a way to get the email address to wait a few days to get a reply from.

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