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Has Freetrade stopped offering help through the app altogether? I tried to get some help through the help chat in the app and always ended up with message saying contact through email which depending on the subject they may get back to you within 3-5 days or shorter.


In-App support is turned off for regular (non-Plus users) if the customer support team is too busy

This is ridiculous I need to change my bank account details and can’t contact anyone emails keep getting bounced back

I’ve been trying to use the chat function for the last week. No luck so far. I’m getting worried that this is the new normal for us non-plus users.

Are there any FT-Plus users that can comment on the responsiveness of the in-app customer support for you?

Me too been trying to use cut to change bank account details for a week very concerned that emails keep bouncing back need assistance asap

Testing now

Replied within 2 minutes

Raised the issue with them on your behalf, awaiting response

Ok, So basically the chat is now (technically) only for Plus users. I get that, BUT waiting 3-5 working days for a response is not reasonable in this industry… or any other industry nowadays. We are talking about people’s money here. I really hope Freetrade looks into this as after all customer service is an important part of any business.


I think everyone agrees that customer support is the area FT needs to improve :+1: Not sure what your issue is but bank details and lost money really should be dealt with on the same day. It is madness, as for all that FT do really well they seem to score own goals on ignoring/not answering/delaying what people want to know and it is really important to them and not just non-plus members.

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A couple of hours between messages usually (although I haven’t tried since about March/April)

If your emails are getting ‘bounced back’ then there’s either a problem with your email account or you are sending to the wrong address.

You should also send emails from the email account registered with freetrade.

Please see here for details and the email address

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I’ve checked the email addresses they are correct and I’m not having problems sending emails to anyone else

Thank you

My issue is my emails are not being accepted keep getting bounced back, is this because they are too busy and have turned the facility off? Really not acceptable, need to change bank account details

Must be frustrating :roll_eyes: I’d suggest giving them a shout on Twitter maybe

Have tried that last night, no response as yet :frowning: my next port of call will be to see if I can get any assistance for action off of Martin Lewis

It is shit to have to do but if you have tried all the options mentioned and the fact we know the forums are monitored in their own words then yes the route of Martin Lewis etc may be your only option. :cry: :grimacing:

Personally, I think financial responses like bank details and lost payments should be answered in 24hrs max even non-plus but over a week is much more than their claim of 3-5 days or less.

Before going down that route I have a cunning trick and a good option is to flag your own post :+1: Then click the option “Something else” and write the details in there. This will go straight to a FT moderator so you will know they have 100% read about it and you get a reply with a green number in top right corner rather than a pink one.

If that doesn’t work then they really are leaving you little options unfortunately but I would give that a try first :+1:

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I’ll give it a go thank you

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