Poor customer service

Since the introduction of ‘plus’ the customer service at Freetrade has become terrible! Unless you are a ‘plus’ member, you now have to email ‘hello@freetrade.io’ for any queries. However there email doesn’t work! (See attached bounce back) and I never get a response.

So what now?! Am I now being forced to sign up to ‘plus’ just so I can talk to someone about an account query? Yet again this underpins why I don’t trust using Freetrade as my main Broking platform

This might help

Hi Richard :wave:

Sorry to see you haven’t been able to get through to the team! :sweat:

This email should be working so we’ll certainly take a look into this. Would you mind either dropping me a DM with the email you use on the app and I’ll get one of our team to reach out, or trying reviews@freetrade.io as an alternative?

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Good customer service is vital to any business so im glad someone from Freetrade reached out to you @Ricoeliso . Hopefully you will get your query answered.

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