Why can I no longer make general enquiries through the app?

So I just tried to contact Freetrade through the app about a general query, but once I picked “something else” I was directed to email them when I’ve always been able to message them directly in the app about anything in the past.

Anyone know when this changed and why? Seems really counter-intuitive and backwards to me, especially as it even says “ask us anything”.

Note: I’m not paying for Plus and it’s not an urgent query so I’d be happy to wait for a reply.

It is a Sunday. Would be interesting to see if it’s the same during working hours on a Monday

Only plus users can use the in app chat now.


Seriously? Even for the other questions that are presented in the app?

Edit: Just checked the app and the description doesn’t appear to have changed, just suggests you get a faster response as before.

Yes, it is the same during working hours.

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Good to know
They really need to make it clear for regular users


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