Can’t start a live chat on the app?

I can’t start a live chat on the app. When I select “chat with us” it just shows me all the latest messages about recent changes which I can’t delete or close or reply to. Deleting and reinstalling the app changed nothing.

Anyone know the solution?

I believe there’s a post from freetrade around that said they were reducing the ability for new weekend support requests so they can catch up on the backlog

What’s the request? Maybe a forum member can help with a query?

I completely understand if they can’t get to my question right away but I can’t see anything about a restriction in starting new support requests, and it seems to be more of a bug where the recent announcements sent through the app are acting like my chats but I can’t close or remove them to start a new chat. I’m not sure if you’re right or wrong, Eden, but I appreciate the reply.

Also thanks to you, Wulfy, but the question i have is about my account and would rather ask staff directly. It’s not got anything to do with certain companies and issues surrounding them, at least!

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Completely understand. Maybe an uninstall and reinstall of the app if you think it looks to be a bug?

I hate saying that, it’s like ringing up IT at work and them asking if you’ve turned it off and on again :joy:

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Haha yeah, but it is a reasonable suggestion. Unfortunately I’ve already tried that twice and once more for luck just now… no change.

Can you confirm on your own app whether or not you have the option to start a new chat?

As a temporary measure, we’ll be limiting access to the customer support team over the weekend to give us an opportunity to catch up with responses.

I also don’t have an option to start a new chat btw


Ah, that settles it then. Thank you both very much. Really appreciated.

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It’s not normally like this :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: January seems to have been a crazy month

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Hi :wave:

The in-app chat will be available again ready for market open on Monday. In the meantime, please contact support via

Please note that we’re working through a very large backlog and our response times are severely extended at this time.