Help! Unable to contact Support via App...

Morning all, until recently I have had no issues contacting support via the App. Last week I raised an issue and since the initial response I’m getting no reply from the agent who has taken the query. As a result I am unable to raise any further questions as this seems to be hiding the new conversation option. This has been going on for over a week now and I would consider this very poor service considering I’m on the Plus plan. Is there any other way to contact them? Many thanks.

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Hi sorry about this. It sounds like there’s an issue with your app.

Can you make sure it’s updated to the latest version. You can email us at

I’ll flag this as urgent to customer service who can reach out via email and in app.


I’ve been missing the new message option for a while now (iPhone)

Thanks Alex. I have the latest App 3.9.96 and also emailed in last week and not had a reply. I have just had a reply in app from the original agent to say “sorry, you are experiencing high volumes” of messages I assume. I also have a SIPP transfer stuck in pending, but unable to raise this as I have no means of communicating with you. Please help! Many thanks.

Alright thanks. I can ask around your pension transfer too. It’s likely that we’ll be waiting to receive documentation and/or confirmation of a transfer time from your current broker on that front.

They can take a little while depending on a number of factors, like if you’re transferring cash only or stocks.

Just to conclude, this has now been resolved with some change at the back end to the app. Not sure if this just affected some IOS users. Either way, if you go to the iPhone settings and clear the app cache this seems to resolve the issue.

Cheers all…