Customer Support update

Hi All,

For those that haven’t seen me around the community forum before, I’m Meghan and I’m the Customer Operations Manager at Freetrade.

Some of you have flagged concerns around the responsiveness of the customer support team of late and I wanted to take a moment to address those concerns. Our internal plans and targets are above the current response times, and we’re working our way back to that level.

We have had an unprecedented amount of new customers recently and this surge, coupled with the Christmas period, has caught us by surprise.

A byproduct of this is an influx of customer contact and as a result, the team are working through a backlog of support queries.

Please let me reassure you that we are doing everything we can to respond to customers as quickly as possible. The team is working long hours and extra shifts in an effort to resume our normal levels of service.

We’re also actively hiring to expand the customer support team and are keen to hear from anyone looking for an entry-level, home-based role at Freetrade that has an alignment with our values, an interest in our mission and a passion for providing great customer service! You can check these out on our careers page.

As a temporary measure, we’ll be limiting access to the customer support team over the weekend to give us an opportunity to catch up with responses.

If you have any urgent queries during this period you can reach us on, if not chat will be available again in-app from Monday at the UK market open.

I appreciate how frustrating the current situation is when support is needed quickly and I hope that the above goes some way in reassuring you all that we understand how serious this matter is and that we are diligently working to correct it. We want to provide the best customer support in our industry, period.

On behalf of the customer support team, thank you all for your patience and for bearing with us at this time. :pray: