MEGATHREAD: Freetrade Plus :plus_:

I don’t think it’s that big a deal, if you were going to jump back in in less than 2 months it’s pointless cancelling in the first place


How so — you are paying one month in advance, right?

Great idea !

I really want a feature which ranks your stocks in descending order in % price movements. So when you open up your account you can see which stocks are influencing to the growth/loss for that day.

And you can filter it for day, week month year


:point_up_2: :point_up_2:

Sometimes its so hard to see the cause of any movement unless you go into each stock to find out!

Is it just me or customer support is overwhelm at the moment? I got plus and need to renew my ISA.

No it is not just you, they are struggling currently. You can read more about it here - Customer Support update

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Interested to hear thoughts on these ideas:

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Agreed. I’m so confused why they don’t highlight which are plus stocks to Plus users. Can’t think of any logical reason.


Agree. As a plus user it would be useful to be able to see what you are getting and to be clear if something is a plus stock. I was wondering if I had just missed where it shows me but apparently not

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Agree, I didn’t know GME was a Plus only stock until my friend told me. I can’t find any other easy way to check either :thinking:

The only way I’ve found is searching the company on the stock list and seeing which account type they’re allocated to

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It’s not up to date. None of the stocks from the last batch and some from the previous ones isn’t there but not end of the world.

I thought there was a Google Sheet with the list? Not sure if it’s still updated.

This one?


This looks like it’s up to date.

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Being a new member here can someone tell me why some stocks are only for Plus members. Does this mean that research has been done on these particular stocks and given their potential they have been added to Plus therefore requiring a monthly fee to benefit from this? I don’t have a great deal of funds to invest but i would like to pick some of these stocks due to their price.

This is how they are selected to be in Plus.


Tried to search on previous topics but could not find the answer.

Does anyone know what happens to limit orders, and buy orders placed whilst on Plus after you cancel.

Do they get wiped out, or do they stay until triggered?

Many thanks

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Couple of questions about plus before I sign up for it
1 if I decide to cancel, it take it plus stocks I have bought can be sold?
2 does the app layout change to show plus only stocks or do I still have to search them individually?