MEGATHREAD: New subscription plans 🔁

Hi everyone :wave:

Today we’re excited to launch our brand new subscription plans. :tada:

As you know, our mission to get everyone investing is made possible by our freemium model.

We want to offer everyone a low-cost way to start their investing journeys while giving those who want a bit more the chance to manage their costs with a clear and simple monthly fee.

Since we launched Plus, we’ve been listening to your feedback and today we’re introducing a new tier, Standard. :sparkles:

Here’s a snapshot of how the plans look:

Check out more on the blog here:

We’ve also given the website a spring clean, and you can see the full details of each plan on there. Hope you like it. :desktop_computer:

Let us know what you think.

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This should not be read as personal investment advice and individual investors should make their own decisions or seek independent advice.

When you invest, your capital is at risk. The value of your portfolio can go down as well as up and you may get back less than you invest. Tax rules for ISAs and pensions can change and their benefits depend on your circumstances.


This is awesome. The graphic confused me at first but the blog post explains it.

I was a Plus member but dropped down to just having the ISA, so this subscription change is an upgrade for me at little extra expense. Obviously I can’t speak for people without ISAs or those with SIPPs, I look forward to reading the reactions.

Basic seems to be pretty generous too.

PS. I don’t even care if LISAs become an add-on on top of the PLUS subscription, I just want to escape my AJ Hell :cow:


It’s says SIPP has been added to my Plus, but it asks for a card to pay for it if I try to open one. (I’m on Free Plus as a founding member, so it shouldn’t need my card number)

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This is a positive change for me as I have both ISA and SIPP, so I think I’ll just invest that extra £7.


Hi @Dave, please drop us an in-app message or email and we’ll check this out for you:


I would think those on just an ISA would be happy with greater stock selection and a little bit of interest on 2K which might offset some of the price increase if utilised.


I’m just abit confuse on the 2K Interest - Is that paid Monthly or Annually?

Usually monthly. Youll get £20 interest over a full year.

O - So £1.65 per Month am I right saying?


Now makes the Vangaurd vs Freetrade ISA comparison a little different when only investing in VWRL etc.

The cut off to when Freetrade becomes cheaper is now £60k, but at least they are opening the account to more stocks so all users are at least receiving something extra.

1% interest is negligible as can gain more in an easy access savings account, but can see the appeal.


The PLUS tier looks very bare bones to me now.

If I wasn’t getting it free, I’d downgrade to standard.


so how does the monthly payment work and is there a yearly payment option on the £4.99 one as not sure about everyone but paying yearly is more convenient


Why no web access for standard?

i don’t invest in the small caps so it’s just 2£ extra for nothing for me.

I guess inflation is coming to Freetrade subscriptions as well :frowning:


Whilst I haven’t been using Freetrade at all for over a year now, it is good to see some innovation on the subscription plans and I hope it works well for the team and the customers.

(Please do a LISA as the next step!)


Plus is only going to make sense if you have a SIPP but if you have a SIPP it will make a lot of sense!

FT have a clearly optimised their pricing in a way that they think makes it more appealing and more profitable at the same time.


Plus still has the 3% interest thing, If you have £4K in cash it definitely still makes sense


I like limit orders as much as anyone else, but forcing an increase in fees to existing ISA holders is going to put off a lot of people for the future. Freetrade’s ethos has always been encouraging people to “get in for the long run”, and now a little over three years in… fees increase by 66%?

I am worried that this will damage trust in the brand, that has already recently been damaged by the “T&C stocks lending” fiasco. This is still the best product on the market for cheap investing, but it needs to restore its reputation to where it was in 2020.

I would recommend a step back, or lowering the Standard plan to £3/month.


I’m an ISA only user and I’m downgrading to basic. Best of luck with this model though


I’m an ISA only user as well and, although I’ll pay £2 more per month, I don’t really mind as I know that FreeTrade have to finance themselves somehow and I always said I was prepared to pay a bit more.

Unfortunately I won’t have the money to make it worthwhile until at least January but I am considering upgrading to Plus next year now that the SIPP is free. I had considered getting a SIPP with FreeTrade without touching my other pensions but when it was costing £7 per month as well as having to pay Plus, the measley £25 per month or whatever it is that I would put into the SIPP just wouldn’t have been worth it.

Personally, I’m pleased with the outcome of this price review. Much fairer and removes the annoyance I think was felt by many of being locked out of a lot of stocks.

EDIT - also the £4,000 at 3% is very attractive. I usually hold cash for emergencies and until now, 1.7% was the best I could get from an instant access account and mostly it’s been a lot lower than that. Obviously not worth Plus only for that, but if I’m getting it for the SIPP anyway, then all good.