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I like the FT plus £9.99 account, however, some of my friends (whom I have recommended) would like to make just one or two purchases of the plus account only stocks. I think FT might be missing a trick here, they are not ‘big’ investors and will NOT use the benefits of the plus account on an ongoing basis. what they are asking is -
Do we have to sign up to the plus account, make our purchase and then cancel it?
Can you even do this?
And do they then have to sign up again to sell the stock?
This all seems a bit of a ‘faff’ to me, assuming it is even possible.
They are starting to investigate other platforms which is what we don’t want. Is there any way there could be something like 1 or 2 trades, say a month or a quarter, where a one off fee of a couple of quid or so would be levied against a purchase of PLUS account only investments. At least that would give them an option to make that purchase.
What are you thoughts @Viktor.
Thanks for reading.

If they were ISA customers then to sign up for plus for a month make the trades then downgrade, that would be a couple of quid for those trades

Yes they can follow the scheme of only subscribing for a month an making all the trades in that time.

Freetrade seem to have said “no” to one off purchases as per AMA.

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Yeah they’ve been pretty clear that they’ve no intention of going back to charging a commission on trades.

I’d be curious to know what they are wanting to buy under plus while not being big investors?

Alba minerals I think, they live in Wales and they have a local project or partnership, something like that. Welsh gold I believe. Always do your own research and always at your own risk.

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Maybe tell them to google Sirius Minerals and that what they want to do is gambling.


Agreed, good example of following the crowd and the risks associated with that. Buyer beware! That was a hard lesson learned for many many people.

It’s always high risk with small companies and their big plans. There are 100’s of sirrius minerals out there.

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