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Am frustrated that stocks that members have been looking at/or requested get listed as PLUS…
Seems unfair that free member research and interest is then made available solely to those that pay a fee?
I thought one of the tenets of FreeTrade is to get everyone investing using the Free app with crowd discussion and feedback. Using the word Free in your company name can be considered somewhat contentious if charges continually get invoked…
I accept that using more advanced features should be chargeable (stop loss etc), enhances the experience and benefits customer and company alike.
I accept that certain products can be chargeable, SIPP, ISA etc… is only right…
But to restrict access to share opportunities, effectively forcing PLUS enrolment does not sit well with me…
I feel all stock, ETF, trusts etc should be freely available to the Freetrade community.
Who else feels like this or has an opposite view? Am I unfair?

I’m sorry but this has been to death on this forum.
Worth using the search function and reading through some of the previous threads.


You ate right… never searched!



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So is there a consensus that PLUS is restrictive and is limiting?
Personal referral to friends has been successful in the past. They like the platform, transparency. But it is harder to convince now as they see that certain stocks, funds etc are not freely accessible.

I also think Freetrade has timed this poorly.

Everyone has a different view.
Some come in here trashing it, other give constructive criticism, some make good points for an against. Some seem to think that they should get everything for free forever.
I think it’s mainly driven by people personal circumstances. If you have a £50k portfolio with an ISA already, what’s £7 per month if it allows you to have all your riskier stocks on the same platform (along with limit orders etc)?
The flip side is if you’ve got a small portfolio with no ISA and like to punt some spare change on an explorer that your mate told you has just hit gold - in that case £10 a month is pricey.
Ultimately, £10 a month is less than most legacy brokers (per trade) and therefore only difficult for the new generation of investors to swallow.

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Fair and considered…

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