Plus complaints

I find it disgusting that shares that were previously free to trade are now rapidly turning into PLUS only shares overnight. Some examples are Powerhouse Energy, Sound Energy, Seeing Machines, Reabold and many more. I think it is wrong to turn previously free to trade shares into PLUS shares. When is Freetrade changing it’s name to nearly freetrade as it is rapidly losing all trace of being a free trading app.


‘disgusting’… :rofl:

They not rapidly turning into plus shares - they’ve been there a while, have you only just noticed?

The rules are clear:


  • FTSE 350
  • FTSE AIM 100
  • MSCI US Prime Market (the 750 largest companies listed on major US exchanges)
  • IPOs, SPACs, and other highly-requested large cap companies
  • iShares, Vanguard, and Invesco ETFs


  • FTSE All-Share
  • FTSE AIM All-Share
  • S&P SmallCap 600
  • Plus any other highly requested small and micro-cap stocks not included in these indices
  • All other available ETFs

Oh dear…this thread is just going to turn into the same one that was closed over the last few days.

Deja Vu anyone?? :joy:


Why is this the same phrase other account use? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Trades are still free. Fyi im not sure what you mean about plus taking over? The specifics around it were communicated several months ago and the forum was openly discussing it for some time.

PHE for example is an AIM all share member, not AIM 100
SOU is AIM all-share
SEE is AIM all-share
RBD is AIM all-share


The way I would explain this, is that FreeTrade is not looking to have a large percentage of people with £100 in their account that have access to absolutely everything.

But they do at least offer a huge entry into a once impossible area of investing.

FreeTrade’s offering on all aspects is really damn good and growing.


I’m not quite sure why you think starting yet another thread with only a slight variation on a theme (“disgusting”) is a good idea. Why not just add to one of the others if you really feel the need, or leave if you don’t like it so much. A large chunk of the offerings are free but if you don’t like it no-ones forcing you to use freetrade or pay for anything. There’s no entitlement there.


Hi David

We’re committed to improving both the free plan and Plus membership and recently added many new features to both.

I’ll close this thread and direct you to the Plus megathread which has numerous discussions around the decisions behind the free and Plus universe:

In short, we believe the simplest and most impartial way to do this was to follow the major indices, so there is clarity for everyone on what’s available:

You can also read more about our vision for Plus on this blog: