Forced Plus upgrade (not actually forced) [Resolved]

Just got a notification that due to PLUS exclusive stocks I must either sell a position or upgrade to PLUS. Excuse my language but WTF?
Have a PLUS tier, understandable, have PLUS exclusives, makes sense for your business model… But force happy existing users to sell now or pay-up is really sh1tty treatment AND terrible investment advice.
Is it a decision to upsell users? Or, I hypothesise, a decision made due to a technical limitation of your own doing; whereby once a stock is made a PLUS stock on a given date the system can no longer track users that bought the stock pre-PLUS and allow them to hold their position?
I would ask, politely, this decision be overturned.


You don’t have to sell up. You just can’t purchase any more without Plus


You are not forced to sell. It doesn’t say that at all


Hey buddy you can sell them whenever you like. Just can’t buy more.

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I was of the same belief - please read this notification I received today and interpret…

Re-read the 7th paragraph


So basically at no point does it say you have to sell your holdings.

And all of a sudden this thread becomes a positive thing, because you said having a PLUS tier and PLUS exclusives are a good things, so you’re actually praising FT.

Good stuff.


Give that a re-read pal


So, not forced at all and you’ll get a free share if you upgrade, which I didn’t get, though I did get a free month.


RIGHT, sorry - false alarm.

Read this 3 times and got a very clear message: you can hold these stocks only if you’re plus after the 7th of Dec.

Rage and hell fire have ceased. Apologies.

Thanks team


Don’t you mean ‘buy’?

You can hold them still regardless after the 7th.

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I’m not happy with this either. One of the stocks I’ve invested in and continue to do so is on the list. Which in effect now makes it cheaper for me to go and purchase it on IG, than taking out a subscription to plus. I understand the reason for the plus subscription but moving existing stocks to behind the paywall is not cool.


Anyone have the list of stocks that are free but are no longer soon. As I can’t figure out which of my holdings are being moved to plus

So I can’t average down into those stocks I already own that are moving to PLUS? Kind of a deal breaker for me!


Everyone will be sad to see you go…


You can, if you sign up to PLUS.

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FTSE 350
AIM 100
MSCI US Prime Market (Large + Mid Cap)
Vanguard, iShares, Invesco ETFs

FTSE Small Cap (FTSE All-Share minus FTSE 350)
SE AIM All-Share ex AIM 100
S&P SmallCap 600

Thats almost the same.

Same here. I started my investing journey with FREEtrade and I even recommend it to friends. Given my current circumstances I cannot invest as much as I liked. In my situation £9,99 is just too much. Luckily none of my stocks have been affected as I sold my position long time ago. However who is to say that in the future my stocks won’t be affected? Is it worth for me to continue investing here or is it better to start buying socks somewhere else? Will it all eventually move to Plus?


Freetrade will use the following to decide which stocks are GIA or Plus:

I personally think that’s pretty fair considering they need to generate revenue