Roll on October the 1st!

I hold some AMGO stock. Not a lot, but if you’ve been watching that one today, damn we need pricing controls/buy or sell limits. I’m petrified of pressing the sell button and the price changing on me.

I realise that this isn’t a particularly helpful post, but I didn’t really and truly get the need for controls to buy and sell only when a certain price condition is met until I started following this particular company.

This of course all assumes Plus launches on the 1st.

Surely your not thinking of selling today?

I’m finally in profit, so I was tempted. But no, not today. When I do, I think it would be necessary to be sure of the price I’m getting. The price has a tendency to change pretty frequently!

There should be news on the John Benamor vote soon, if it goes his way it will go to 20p

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