Tiziana again, can't buy

Yes Tiziana again.
It has apparently uplisted from AIM to LSE general now.
It won’t let me buy any shares though, the BUY button is misted over as are the following controls.
Is it only ME?
Has anyone else got this problem?
It will let me sell them, I think.

Yeah I had this too for about an hour this morning - first time I’ve seen the ‘buy’ button greyed out and unclickable. I messaged the team in app, and before they had a chance to come back to me, all seemed fine and I was able to get back in (having sold some yesterday to get on the huge GGP discount).

Is it working for you now?

Hi both, we’re working to resolve this issue now, sorry for the inconvenience.


All working for me now @Freetrade_Team
:ok_hand: :+1:

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Yes all sorted again, not very long after I mentioned it.
Sorry should have come on here and said so. Forgotten that I put it up on here.
I had spoken with the team as well and got back to them to let them know. As I say I had forgotten on here.
So once again many thanks to those that had any hand in resolving it and apologies to anyone who thinks they need them

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Tiziana taking a major tumble friday + today .

any ideas guys why ?