Buy / Sell button not working?

Is anyone else having issues with the app closing down on android after 5 seconds today, or is it just me and my phone?


I. I am having the same issue. The app starts but crashes 5-10 seconds later.

Same here, and so is my Colleague here who uses it

Same here. Just logged in to test but crashed after about 10 seconds.

Meeeee tooo meeee toooo, it doesn’t close but it kind of alt tabs out to the back ground or minimises.

Me too! Just started. Android user

Yes. Just updated the app and it seems fine now.

Mines okay now too… Didn’t update it though

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Mine has been doing this now for months.

Using the app on my tablet works just fine but on my phone it’s a hunk of junk.

I have a free account. I bought a few shares a few weeks ago under my free account. These shares have recently moved into the Pus account category restricting my access to them.

I totally get that some shares can only be purchased by Plus account holders only, however I do not have the option to sell them. I hope this is just an oversight, otherwise wouldn’t this be regarded as holding these shares to ransom? I request that Free account holders should at least be able to sell any Plus account shares they may hold.

For the record, I will be upgrading to a Plus account very soon, but for those who wish to remain with a free account, being restricted to selling their own shares might pose a problem, perhaps even moving to another broker so they can sell those shares.

Or, perhaps I’m missing something. Anyhow, Freetrade is still a great app for me.

Which shares moved into plus only? The free tier stock universe is based on indices like the FTSE 350, did one of these get rebalanced?

This morning my BAE Systems shares showed as plus only with the buy/sell buttons dimmed out. Looking right now, it seems all fine. Maybe it has been corrected, or perhaps just a glitch. All seems fine now scratches head

In the last week I have had few times when both sell and buy have been deemed out on all shares in my portfolio
It seems to come and go.