Problem selling shares - dimmed out button [marked for closing/merging]

I have a free account. I bought a few shares a few weeks ago under my free account. These shares have recently moved into the Pus account category restricting my access to them.

I totally get that some shares can only be purchased by Plus account holders only, however I do not have the option to sell them. I hope this is just an oversight, otherwise wouldn’t this be regarded as holding these shares to ransom? I request that Free account holders should at least be able to sell any Plus account shares they may hold.

For the record, I will be upgrading to a Plus account very soon, but for those who wish to remain with a free account, being restricted to selling their own shares might pose a problem, perhaps even moving to another broker so they can sell those shares.

Or, perhaps I’m missing something. Anyhow, Freetrade is still a great app for me.

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