Free Trade Plus Stocks & Shares [Duplicate. Please merge/close]

So I had recently purchased Free Trade Plus.

And as soon I purchased it I wanted to see all the stocks I had been missing out on by not being a Plus member. However, as soon I tried locating these stocks it/is much harder than anticipated.

There should be a filter system that allows you to only see stocks available for plus members that way it is visible and easily identifiable. I should not have to click on a stock to see if it is a Plus stock or not because as when you are not a paying member it already has a little plus icon over the stock/share making it clear that you are not able to buy into this stock as it is for plus members only.

Please can this be taken into consideration as it will save all hours of sieving through stocks that were already available prior to becoming a paying member.

This is something that someone had brought up in January 21st I find it odd that it hasn’t been actioned 6 months later as I can assure this would be a great feature for the app.

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