Keep Plus icon on Plus shares

I think it would be better to keep the plus icon on plus shares after you’ve upgraded.

This way you can see the value-added from using plus. :plus_:

Hey @Jonny, great shout - we definitely want people to recognise the value they’re getting from being Plus members. We removed the icon simply to keep the screens as clean and simple as possible, but I’ll definitely raise your suggestion with the team :+1: .


That’s fair enough, maybe the plus icon could be within the share page? I just think it’s important for members to know if they holding / are looking at a share that they wouldn’t normally be able to trade without Plus


Second this idea

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Totally agree a user should be able to see (somewhere) that a stock is plus.

But I really like the fact the big Plus icon is removed. It makes the interface much cleaner and prettier.

Maybe they can just put an on/off toggle in the settings (the same place you can customise your app icon to make it Plus), let people decide for themselves.


I second this. Great idea. Something I thought was strange when I got plus was that I couldn’t see in my portfolio how much I’m actually using it.

Just a little :plus_: next to the name of the stock would be really nice to see