The PLUS symbol covering stock % gain / loss

Howdy everyone.

Just want to check something. I’m paying for the Plus membership - but when I browse UK stocks, I still see the % monthly gain loss covered up by the PLUS sign (meaning I have to go into every stock to see the gain / loss). Should this be the case?

What’s the purpose of hiding it? Surely showing it, but just flagging it as a plus would be more enticing to non plus members?

Screenshot attached for context. Thanks!

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Yes this has come up in other topics before. This is how it looks for all plus members and it is so frustrating… A simple interface update but I do not think it’s in the pipeline

I can’t fathom the logic behind hiding that information.

Not a very good advert for the Plus plan, if you still can’t readily see it once you sign up.

Plus (no pun intended), it would probably take about 2 minutes to change.

Overlay the plus icon on stock logo avatar, on the other side of the screen, simple fix, associates stock with plus membership and doesn’t make things harder for those paying a bit more. Is a simple fix agree with the above.

Like this:


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