Gain/Loss addition

Freetrade has just released the Gain/Loss which is great - it shows you the total amount you’ve made since investing.
It would also be a nice touch to add a daily gain/loss amount, similar to EToro.
I think that this would be a nice touch and also easy addition to the current system.
For example, you tap the ‘Gain/Loss’ amount at the top, it then brings up a pop up box or takes you to another screen that shows you the gain/loss overall since investing, per day and also maybe a breakdown per holding that you have.

Does this also include Dividends? If not, it should. To my knowledge when you receive a dividend it just goes to your current balance.

What do you guys think?

Dividends are included in the gain/loss.

I think it’s meant to be but it’s not.
I just went through and added up all of my stock increases/decreases and the total is the amount it’s increased by. Shouldn’t this be higher including any of my dividend payments?

Mine includes dividends, even though I have reinvested them. My gain / loss reflects exactly my current account balance minus anything I have paid in.

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I know exactly how much I’ve put in my account and the Gain is showing as current value minus what I’ve put in, which is how I think it should work.

Dividends are part of that gain

also, I don’t understand why it’s give in GBP amount, rather than %. and why does it include cash?? that is clearly misleading to me. Same for the portfolio graph. It doesn’t make sense that it goes up/down when you deposit/withdraw cash. Cash added is not gain. It should be calculated on cost basis compared to current share price.

please try to fix this, as this feature right now is not helpful at all, in fact quite misleading. thanks :slight_smile:

It would be good if the insight tab also showed insights into profits/loss. This could be useful to see what’s happened in the day (as above), but also to see what’s happened over a year.

Over a year you could see the split between capital growth and dividends or returns by asset classes or sectors


I just done a quick mock-up and included it in the edit for my post for the type of thing I was expecting.

The first version was just to ship something out the door.

You might have seen our Invest platform announcement, which were in the process of rolling out to all customers, and that includes bringing all the books and records for customer portfolio data in-house.

Personally I think the gain/loss presented should reflect the period selected on the chart of your portfolio performance over time, ie if you are looking at the 1-day chart then it shows your 1-day gain/loss.


I agree a % return is more meaningful and it’s coming. Should be your total return, too.

Whether the first version should be your money-weighted return/IRR or a time-weighted return is a hotly debated topic internally. Both are meaningful but in different ways.

I think MWRR is more useful for a self directed investor as you (mostly) control the timing of your cash flows.

Any other views on that?

Both possible?

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Quick mock up in Figma. This is what I have come up. As mentioned about a % is also very useful. And an extra insight UIView where you could swipe across to access and swipe up and down to see more information like best performers etc etc.

Also VERY nit picky…but from an accounting perspective ( I am not an accountant) but having things in brackets is a little misleading no matter the colour (as it could be a glitch)

Things in () is generally a minus figure. I know i havent used them on my mocks. As 90% of the news i read doesnt included brackets around prices, they’re just green for up and red for down…like i said a little thing but maybe we can lose the brackets?


I do agree regarding the brackets. Brackets are for losses. I would replace it with a nice big + instead. :+1:


In addition. For individual stocks there seems to be no accounting for the initial loss of purchase with stamp duty of the £1 instant order which should be reflected in the stocks gain/loss but doesn’t seem to be.

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I feel this too. I made a spread sheet and my calculations never really made sense. Until
I subtracted the stamp duty and commission.

But then my maths isn’t great, but I also made a folio in stockopedia with my positions. And it still doesn’t add up to my FT portfolio.

In my portfolio commissions are counted as loss.

On the individual company gain/loss? Perhaps it’s just the stamp duty then, I noticed this recently when looking at the gain loss but only looked at a recent buy that I did without the instant order.

Hi Adam,
Thanks for that information.
Yeah I think that would be very useful too - that was something I wanted to include in the mock design but I didn’t have time before going to work! Also maybe clicking on an individual stock giving that same ability of the day to gain information.

Very good point regarding the brackets!

I’ve been using the Freetrade livechat quite a lot and it’s really helpful and the staff is always super friendly.
When I recently asked about the gain/loss Ed (FT staff) responded yesterday with the below which is very helpful.

Gain/Loss = Portfolio Value - Cashflow

Portfolio Value = Deposits + Withdrawals + Investment Income (e.g. Dividends) + Positions (at current price)

Cashflow = Deposits + Withdrawals

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