Option to include Dividends in 'Investment Gain/Loss'

I have a few investment with companies in which the stock value barely moves yet they regularly pay a fairly high dividend. A quick look at my investment in these companies over the years makes it look like there’s been no gain or perhaps even a loss, yet I’ve received multiple decent dividends from them.

I’m suggesting there should be an option to include dividends received into the ‘investment gain/loss’ figure.

Perhaps a slider button, in account settings, so you can turn it on and off easily.

Excellent idea.


Try dividendwatch works well for me. Will also price in the currency loss/gain.


Good tip, but it would be convenient to have here on the app too.


This has been suggested before but not with the slider option. I like it and I’ve voted!

It would be so useful to actually see what our shares are doing in-app - along with average instead of FIFO !

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I like this idea a lot too

What’s getting you good dividends if you don’t mind me asking?

$MO Altria and also Rurelec $RUR more recently.

I would love to see this

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Glasstone Capital is another that springs to mind

I don’t like how FT displays gains/losses at all. It only makes sense if you have not sold any of a stock. After that, the methodology they use (which surely someone finds useful) is not a cost average.

Loading up the app and it saying I’m 10% down on an investment when divis and averaging down make it not so just makes the number pointless. I have to log into the web app to see on any particular day how individual stocks are performing.


This would be great! Would be amazing to see what dividend gains over time would be and see a ‘lifetime dividends earned’ too