Display Total Return including Earned Dividends in Your Investment

I invest in stocks and ETFs which looking at the capital, appear to be loss-making but taking into account dividends are not.

I understand that other FTers create spreadsheets for this purpose but I would really like to be able to see in-app, whether a stock is profitable to hold or not.

Could the “Your Investment” section include “Div Yield to date” and “Total Loss/Return” as well the current current value of the stock minus cost basis calculation.

This is how the current calculation of Gain/Loss is made.

I think this may have been discussed in various threads but there does not seem to be a searchable feature request. Please vote if you think that this would be useful!

nb. for those wishing for a simple interface, which I know is part of FT’s USP, might I suggest the alternate screen on phone rotation or a simple settings button for advanced users?

This does my head in too. When some of my holdings are held for dividend its important.



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