Misleading Gains/Losses amount

I recently had a transfer (as cash) from an outside ISA investment into freetrade (great you think). But it has completely messed up the Gains/Loss summary amount on main freetrade page.

And I read now that the gains /loss amount doesn’t show what you currently have in portfolio (ie. total value of shares Minus purchase price of those very same shares), oh noooo no no apparently it turns out it calculates and shows ALLL previously sold and held shares (losses and gains) historically.

Which to me makes no sense whatsoever, it makes it almost impossible to calculate what percentage increase the overall portfolio has actually achieved as its current position in time.

Luckily I have my own calculations that showed it increased by roughly 11% but should I have used the gain/losses figure it looks like it should have increased a dramatic 55% (I know right, would have been nice!)

So just watch out when calculating your gains/losses…

I would strongly request that we get an overall percentage calculation for the summary page, giving us the percentage of current value amount in relation to original purchase price.
That’s all
Thank you
Kind regards anton