Bug: unable to sell stock!

I have 2 etf ishares funds, if i try to sell the amount I own is shown as 0, despite having 84 shares.

This is very concerning, please fix it asap.
Other stocks i own are not affected.

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Do you have a limit or stop loss order set on them?


Hey my partner has the same issue with Tesco share
She is unable to sell !!!
Also if you now search for Tesco on discover it won’t come up
This does not give confidence to this app

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Tesco are doing a share consolidation today!


Your issue about Tesco is discussed in detail in the specific discussion thread for Tesco: Tesco πŸ›’ (TSCO) Share Chat

If you say which funds they are, exactly, maybe someone will know a possible explanation. But nobody here on the forum has access to your account to look any deeper, so you will probably need to contact Freetrade customer support through the app.

Tnx solved, I had a Limit Sell, so I had to cancel that before I was able to sell.

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Glad you got it sorted