Cannot sell shares I already hold

I hold 5 shares in a company. Last update was Friday before the weekend. The share price shows £7.77, however outside listings show the share price for this company has risen to $25.

All my other listings in my portfolio have updated without problem. This is the only listing not updating, which would be very inconvenient if I wanted to sell my shares whilst the price is currently high. Is there a correlation between the sudden price jump of this company and not updating in my portfolio/restricting me access to interact with it?


Has a consolidation taken place? Who is the company?

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What’s the company?

Also, obvious question, but… You don’t have a stop loss set do you? Cause it will show no shares available to sell if there’s a stop loss in place.

This happened to me recently with FRGE (price was stuck for 3 days), I got in touch with Freetrade via the app, and they had to do something at their end to un-jam it…

You say the price is $25 is that on a US Exchnage? Many of those will have after hours trading so the share price can change but as far as I know FT will only update the price when the market opens.

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What was the company called. Without this nobody can help.

Thanks all,

This issue has been resolved now.
Yes it was a company merger taking place. My old shares were consolidated into the newly formed company. It just took time for the information to update within various sources. In the meantime I coudnt trade because the old company officially no longer existed.

I am down around 15% on my new consolidated shares, although it has started recovering, albeit slowly. I will continue to hold them.

All the information within the app is now up to date and working as it should.