Known issue - Android sell orders (February 2024)

I am in the process of trying to sell my shares and an error occurs. I have messeged FreeTrade and got a reply stating that they do apologise for this but there is a problem. This is beyond a joke. It has cost me a couple hundred pounds already. We are paying high fees now.
I have never ever had this happend from other companies, even free ones.
FreeTrade has costed me a couple hundreds pounds in me being unable to sell my shares. There is so many mistakes with this platform. Things go wrong all the time. How can FreeTrade compensate me and the others for this mess up?

What’s the stock? It might be a liquidity thing rather than an error FT’s part.

I’ve got the same issue, across all stocks.

Do you think I was born today? Why are you straight away accusing me? Do FreeTrade pay you to defend them or do you pay them to use their broken platform? I have now lost 400£ due to their mistake. Who is going to compensate me. This is ridicolous. 20 years ago I could of just called and sold my shares. This is 2024

What is going on? I can buy shares but I can NOT sell them. This is beyond a joke now.

I’m not accusing you of anything. Quite the opposite, I was trying to help but I shouldn’t have bothered.


I’m dyslexic. And it is not easy with people like you. Why are you making fun of my disability? Do you walk around making fun of disabled and special need people? Is that what you do?

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I have the same problem!

The same here - has been going on for some time now. Has anyone had any feedback? I can’t get through and is eight minutes until market closing in the UK…

If we lose money due to a broken system, then we are due some kind of compensation as it is beyond our control

The Terms and Conditions would indicate otherwise…

We can buy but not sell… which is ridiculous. Surely either the system works, or it doesn’t

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Hey all, apologies, there’s an issue with sell orders that’s impacting Android users only. We’re aware of this and are currently working on a fix.

If you’ve been impacted negatively, then please do reach out to customer service who will let you know how you can raise a complaint.

Also as a gentle reminder, please remember our forum rules, which includes “being kind”. We won’t tolerate any drama here.

Although I appreciate why everyone is frustrated. This isn’t ideal. We’ll update you as soon as we can.



I have same problem !!!
How did you solve it?

It’s still ongoing, unfortunately…

This is crazy. I wonder how much money has been lost due to this

OMG…SO.angry…I will change ISA A/C
The stock price Gap up, I want to sell all stock

The rising trend of the U.S. stock market will end soon. If the market falls today, I believe I will suffer serious losses, and FREE TRADE will not compensate me for my losses.


the online chat staff said: we are aware of some issues placing orders on UK/US Stocks
we rarised this with our technical team who are looking into this urgently. we will let you know as soon as this is resolved.
Sincere apologies for any inconenience in the meantime.