Can't buy or sell

Is the app down today?

If so fine, I won’t waste my time today.
If not, is there anything I can do to get the app working?

Seems completely fine for me.

I’m having problems today. I can’t sell one (tried 50 times so far) but another sold first time.


Yes SGLN… I can see trades taking place at LSE SGLN trades

Hi, please DM us in-app and we can check this out for you.

I am having the same issue.

Do Freetrade see the data on failed trades and perform their own analysis ahead of customers bringing the issue to you?

I asked about this issue last week as all iShares sell orders have been rejected for me.
sgln included.

@littlefish My sell which did go through this morning was another iShares so some are okay. Just had a DM to say the issue with £sgln is being looked into

SGLN, along with others, have a dearth of quotes and so there is no market being made.

Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Did you get an update?

@timeinthemarket I got a DM to say its being looked into by FT engineers but nothing else so far.

I closed my app and then went to settings and did a force stop. I restarted and it worked again

hmm not a good sign as i was about to dip my toe back into freetrade
this was one of the reasons i decided not to continue to use freetrade and chose someone else

multiple requests to buy failed and i wasn’t given a reason. Do requests to buy still only happen after 4pm ?

I’ve never had a failed trade ever. The reality is when people do they come on here and tell the world - but it’s not the norm.

It’s also not FT’s fault most of the time - it’s people wanting to buy extremely volatile stocks which are having massive price swings.

it wasn’t a volatile stock and it happened multiple time and not just involving that one stock.

I agree one persons experience good or bad is neither here nor there but when it happens and there is no explanation thats where the problems is.

since you were good enough to reply are purchase requests still carried out after 4pm ? thanks

Same, literally never once failed me. Unfortunately the 99%* of people that successfully place orders don’t shout about it!!


Trades are done in real time now. They go through at 4pm only if you place it outside of trading hours. If you place the trade when the market opens it is instant.