Freetrade down [Resolved]

I am not sure if it is me or just everyone but whenever market is up big time or down big time, Freetrde orders doesn’t go

My orders keep getting rejected for no reason. There is enough volatility in market. enough cash but they won’t process order

I think I will have to reopen my traditional broker account as I can’t trust freetrade anymore.

Very disappointed


HL is also having issues if that makes you feel better in any way?


What stock(s) are you trying to buy/sell?

Same on lots of brokers today.

the stock market is on fire today. This is far from a normal trading day. Understandable they may be issues. Hargraves Lansdown was also giving me issues today. Even the the largest brokers will be under strain on a day like this.


The market is very active today so I don’t think it’s a Freetrade issue. Maybe it’s another central broker that Freetrade relies on that’s having these issues

If you are having trouble I would suggest using limit orders, if you are on free trade plus. All my limit orders went in today.

Can you let us know which stock it was? You can send a message in-app or a DM to me.

We’re seeing an unprecedented number of orders, and our team are monitoring the systems even closer than usual.


AJ Bell is impossible to log into also, hashtag panic buying :sweat_smile:


T212 just went down too, this is getting quite bubbly…

T212 working fine for me. Sadly not the case for FT.

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I’ve experience more downtime with that app than I ever have with Freetrade, maybe that’s just down to my timing, but I think it’s inexcusable for a company that size to be shown up by a plucky upstart like Freetrade!

and loads more

Market is flying on covid cure news, I think brokers are struggling to keep up at the moment.

At least can login to Freetrade, not into HL

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You need to reply more on App than here. Your have either insufficient customer service roles or they just ignore us till market is close

I tried to sell MKS, FCPT, BP etc. All got rejected and for no reason.

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What’s the point when you can’t sell or buy anything

Hi @Mohsin, again, there is a lot of market-level volatility today — looks like it’s the same for many providers — which is causing these issues.

We’ll get back to you in-app, too.


Most people are going to struggle to sell or buy today unfortunately, no matter which broker they use:

I literally reopen my account with HL. I can sell and buy all the stocks again , no issue

I am sure we will see a message at the end of the day " Oh we have a problem, and we are working on it, sorry for the delay"

They are blaming it on volatility but volatility doesn’t cause problems in order processing. SYSTEM causes problem in order processing.

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